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donuts with sweet white potatoes

donuts with sweet white potatoes

Sweet Potato  White is a food that is commonly consumed by people of Indonesia. White Potatoes contain an energy of 123 kilocalories, protein 1.8 g, carbohydrates 27.9 grams, 0.7 grams fat, 30 milligrams of calcium, phosphorus 49 mg, and 1 milligram of iron. Also in White Potatoes also contained as much as 60 IU of vitamin A, vitamin B1 0.09 milligrams and 22 milligrams of vitamin C. The results obtained from research on 100 grams Sweet Potatoes White, the number of which can be eaten as much as 86%.
now indoneseian original recipes will share how to make donuts with sweet white potatoes

ingredients donuts with sweet white potatoes :
300 grams sweet white potatoes
300 grams wheat flour
60 grams milk powder
2 yelow egg
11 grams instant yeast
60 grams sugar
30 grams butter
20 ml ice water
1/2 teaspoon salt

how to make donuts with sweet white potatoes:
- mix all ingredients and knead until dull
- leave 30 minutes until dough rise
- cut dough to 50 grams ( dough can be approximately 50 psc )
- mold the dough like as picture
- leave again until 30 minuts
- fry dounuts dough with small fire
- lift and dry
- serve

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