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serabi solo cake

serabi solo cake

oke this day indonesiaoriginalrecipes will share how to make serabi solo cake.
serabi solo cake is a traditional cake from solo, in solo many restourant serve this cake.
in solo serabi notosuma is a famous restourant servering this cake.

serabi solo cake ingredien:
- 1 tablespoon wheat flour
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- 5 grm instan yeast
- 250 gram rice flour
- 125 gram sugar
- 1 egg
- 500 ml coconut milk
- grated cheese for tooping

how to make serabi solo cake :
- before we make serabi solo cake we must make main dough
  main dough make with wheat flour, sugar, yeast and water mix together and let the dough until 5 minutes.
- mix rice flour, sugar, egg, main dough and 200ml coconut milk. mix together with hand until dough mixed and add 300 ml coconut milk
- mix again and then let the dought 2 hours
- heat mold with small fire.pour 150ml dough and press.
- coocked until 4 minutes and lift.
- serve with grated chees toping

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