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Bawang Bombay = Onion / Yellow onion

Bawang Bombay = Onion / Yellow onion

Onions in indoneisa called " bawang bombay " (Latin: Allium Cepa Linnaeus) is a type of onion that is the most numerous and widely cultivated, used as a spice and food ingredients, large round-shaped and thick fleshy.

Onions are commonly used in cooking food in Indonesia, is not only used as garnish but also a part of the cuisine because of its large and thick flesy, Called bawang bombay as brought by traders from the city Bombay (now Mumbai) in India to Indonesia.

possibility onions came from Central Asia, the possibility of Palestine, then spread to Europe and India, and entry brought by traders from there.

Most likely the onions into Indonesia as the entry of traders from India or the Dutch. The Dutch had tried to cultivate onions in Padang, but countless failed.

The use of onions in Indonesia was first used on the popular Chinese and European dishes, but later used it many Indonesian food

Onion has a distinctive aroma when compared with the usual shallot, tubers are formed of layers of leaves are enlarged and united. [2] The tree grows straight up, root fibrous and not too long (± 10c), the leaves are shaped like a pipe but flat dark green and the leaves are larger than shallot. [3] is a quasi Stem leaf midrib and cause traces rings, base widened and thickened pelepahnya forming large swelling which serves to store food reserves, swelling itself is bulb onions.

source : id.wikipedia

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