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Bawang Merah = Shallot

Bawang  Merah   =   Shallot

Shallots (Allium cepa L. var Aggregatum) is a plant that is a flavor / spices of various cuisines of Southeast Asia and the world.
Javanese people called as " Brambang ", The most widely used is the tubers, although some culinary traditions also use the leaves and flower stalks as food seasonings. This plant is thought to have come from the region of Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

shallots contain vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and folic acid. In addition, shallots also contain calcium and iron. shallots also contain natural growth regulators such as hormones auxin and gibberellin. Other uses shallots is a traditional remedy, shallots known as a drug because it contains antiseptic effect and compound alliin. Compound alliin by the enzyme alliinase is then converted into pyruvic acid, ammonia, and alliisin as anti-microbial that is bactericidal.

Fried shallots is  shallots sliced thinly and fried in cooking vegetable oil that much.  Generally, Indonesian dishes such as soto, soup, stew chicken porridge is also used as a flavoring when served. Besides processed into fried shallots, shallots can also be useful as a drug is to treat ulcers, colds, lowering blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, as medicine diabetes / diabetes mellitus, ease breathing and blood flow because shallots can inhibit accumulation of platelets and increase fibrinotik activity.

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