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Bawang prei = Leek

Bawang prei  = Leek

Leek (Allium ampeloprasum or Allium porrum) belonging to the genus Allium the onion family. It feels similar to onions, but less sharply. Widely used in European cuisine. Usually sauteed in butter until wilted before being mixed together other dishes. Leek is an important component in French cuisine among others vichyssoise (savory soup with potato and leek), as well as porridge soup Scotland Scottish and cock-a-leekie. Leek is one of the national vegetable country Wales.

Leek also has many benefits for health
12 grams leek stalk contains 20 micrograms of vitamin K and 1.6 mg of vitamin C. Both vitamins are very important for the growth and maintenance of bones. In women in particular, the incidence of osteoporosis and bone fractures possibility can be prevented by eating leek regularly.

Leek is producing allyl propyl and chromium. Allyl propyl useful in reducing glucose levels in the blood, while chromium regulate blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. Therefore, the leek is the best vegetables to regulate blood sugar levels in your body.

Leek is a good supplement for the heart. Chromium is present in vitamin B6 and beneficial sulfur in maintaining the health of your heart. Chromium is not only reduces triglycerides and bad cholesterol but also increase the good cholesterol in the body, thus protecting your heart from a variety of potential diseases.
Leek also contains potassium which controls blood pressure. As a result, if the cholesterol and blood pressure in your body is well organized, the risk of heart attacks and strokes can also be minimized.

When you consume leek regularly, you also reduce the risk of some types of cancer. This is due to the presence of flavonoids in leek. Quercitin is flavonoids in leek that can prevent the development of cancer cells in the colon, thereby reducing the chances of developing colon cancer
Kaempferol in leek also has enormous benefits, especially for women because these flavonoids reduce the risk of ovarian cancer up to 40 percent

Inflammation or inflammation in the body can be overcome with leek. This is because these vegetables prevent the formation of enzymes that cause inflammation in the body. Therefore, eating leek very good because it is anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine.

Leek is a source of food that is rich in phytochemicals. This substance is tasked to maintain the immune system and eliminate the enzyme responsible for the creation of free radicals in the human body. In this way, the potential for tissue and DNA damage can be minimized by good.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause various types of visual impairment including blindness. One leek stalk contains 24 micrograms of vitamin A that is converted to retinol. Retinol is very good for the health of your eyes.

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