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martabak bangka

martabak bangka
Food is included in the category of cake but could also as a snack, this sweet snacks to make it not too hard but also necessary seriousness and concentration. well want to know how the recipe is made, please read to the end of this article

Martabak bangka Ingredients:
1700 cc coconut milk (taken from 2 old coconuts)
4 tablespoons gist
2 teaspoons salt, cooked with coconut milk please; lukewarm heat
1 kilogram of wheat flour
6 chicken eggs
60 grams of baking soda
2 teaspoons vanilla
margarine to taste
100 grams of beans roasted and then pounded rough
100 grams of chocolate meses
1 can sweetened condensed milk, used to taste
Sugar to the dough and sprinkles to taste

How to Make Martabak bangka:
- First Enter the gist into the coconut milk mixture and salt. Let stand until 15 minutes until frothy, then set aside.
- Take a bowl and mix the flour and eggs and stir gently pour the coconut milk just as he had little by little, until the dough is smooth, then add sugar, baking soda and vanilla.
- Heat the pan with the center line of size 20 cm and then spread butter.
- Pour the mixture as thick as 1 cm only, setting fire to the flame being alone.
- If the dough looks hollow, sprinkle peanuts, meises, sugar and sweetened condensed milk last shed.
- Fold martabak, basting with butter and outer parts butter ready to be appointed

martabak bangka pan

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