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Cow's Foot Curry ( Gulai Kikil ) indonesian recipes

Cow's Foot Curry ( Gulai Kikil ) indonesian recipes

1 Foot of cow
4 cups Coconut milk
1 Turmeric leaf
2 seed of False mangosteen ( Common english name for "Asam Kandis").  It's also called "Gamboge tree", "Eggtree", "Sour mangosteen", "Cochin-goraka".
2 Kaffir lime leaves
1 stalk Lemongrass

Blended spices:
1 tbsp Blended red chilies
2 cm Turmeric
5 pcs Candlenuts
2 cm Laos / Galangal
6 cloves Garlic
10 pcs Shallots

How To:
1. Clean the cow's foot and its hair, cut into several pieces and cook until tender.
2. Remove the bones and then cut the meat into small sizes according to your preference.
3. Cook the coconut milk together with the blended spices, kaffir lime leaves, kandis acid (false mangosteen) and the lemongrass.
4. Add the meat pieces and cook until the coconut milk thickens and oily.
5. Keep stirring until it's well cooked to prevent the coconut milk from dissolving.
6. Lift.

Squid in Padang Sauce ( Cumi saus padang ) indonesian recipes

Squid in Padang Sauce ( Cumi saus padang ) indonesian recipes


500 g Medium sized squid
1 tbsp Lime juice 
3 Oil for stir frying
1 Turmeric leaf
1 False mangosteen ( Common english name for "Asam Kandis").  It's also called "Gamboge tree", "Eggtree", "Sour mangosteen", "Cochin-goraka
2 stalks Lemongrass

Blended Spices:
1 tbsp Minced red chilli
2 cloves Garlic
10 Shallots 
1 1/2 cm Ginger

How To:
1. Peel the skin of the squid, remove the ink sac, clean, then slice crosswise 1 1/2 cm.
2. Marinate the squid with lime juice, leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water, then drain.
3. Heat oil and stir fry the blended spices, add turmeric leaf and lemongrass until fragrant.
4. Add false mangosteen and squid. Stir until the squid stiffens.
5. Cook all ingredients until fully cooked and the sauce thickens.
6. Lift and serve immediately.

padang crab sauce ( kepiting saus padang ) indonesia recipes

padang crab sauce ( kepiting saus padang ) indonesia recipes

padang crab sauce ingredients:
2 large crabs
Cooking oil to taste
5 cm ginger, crushed
1 red tomatoes, cut into pieces
3 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp tomato sauce
2 tablespoons chili sauce
150 ml of water / broth
1 teaspoon pepper
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2-3 tablespoons rice flour, dissolved in a little water

finely crushed seasoning:
5 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
5 pieces of curly red chili
5 pieces of red chili
3 cm turmeric, grilled
3 eggs pecans, toasted


1. Clean the crabs, cut into pieces. Crab fried in hot oil until cooked. Or it could be boiled until cooked. Remove and drain.

2. Heat 4 tablespoons cooking oil, saute ground spices, ginger, and tomatoes until fragrant.

3. Add oyster sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, water / broth, pepper, sugar and rice flour solution. Cook until sauce thickens.

4. Enter the crabs, mix with seasoning. Lift and serve.


satay padang ( sate padang )

Padang is a city located on the island of Sumatra Indonesia,. many cuisines of the Padang city that is famous in the world. such as rendang, Balado and more.
This time I will share the recipe as where to make satay Padang in indonesia called sate padang.
satay Padang is one of the favorite foods native Padang typical tasty and delicious. Can be said of all the Padang like satay Padang, not only that the outside area of Padang was much loved. To make satay Padang is easy and practical, requiring only beef and special materials in mix to taste absolutely delicious and yummy. Immediately, ya recipe this afternoon is making satay Padang with special seasoning delicious.

satay padang ( sate padang ) ingredients :
500 grams of beef
50 grams of rice flour
1/2 liter of water

satay padang ( sate padang ) seasoning:
5 shallots / red onions
3 garlic
3 red chillies
2 cm turmeric, chopped
2 cm ginger, minced
2 pieces of orange leaves
1 cm galangal, chopped
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 stalks lemongrass, crushed
1/2 tablespoon coriander powder
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon cumin powder
1/2 turmeric leaves
1/2 pcs kandis acid
1/4 teaspoon fennel powder
cooking oil to taste

how to make satay padang ( sate padang ) :
1. saute all the spices (seasoning ) until fragrant.
2. input large chunks of meat, then ungkep. Cook using fire small / medium until the water runs out the meat and the meat was tender.
3. After lifting the meat tender, medium or small pieces according to taste. Make into skewers.
4. Then Rub meat with oil and seasoning mixture, then roasted (burnt meat does not need to get too dry), then set aside in a serving dish first.
5. Make sauce from a mixture of rice flour and water are put into the rest of the seasoning. Cook over the fire to boil, then add a little salt, to taste first taste.
6. topping skewers that have been set aside earlier with the sauce just made​​.
7. After that, topping with fried onions on it.
8. Satay Padang ready to be served,

beef kalio padang ( kalio daging sapi padang )

Kalio intermediate rendang is a dish that is lightly browned, if kalio in dry with low heat will be colored black and was called rendang. Kalio same basic ingredients with rendang, namely coconut, finely ground red chillies, ginger, galangal, shallots, garlic, lime leaves, bay leaves, turmeric leaves. Rendang and kalio not use turmeric as it makes the texture of the meat is not good. Fill kalio usually chicken, beef, beef liver, or jengkol Special care and Jering not be made ​​dry rendang because it will make the material hard and uncomfortable.

beef kalio padang ( kalio daging sapi padang )

½ kg beef
10 pieces Potatoes
1 item Coconut
¼ cup cooking oil

10 pieces of red onion
1 cm Ginger
4 cloves garlic
½ stalk Lemongrass
15 pieces of red Lombok
2 pieces of kaffir lime leaves
5 seeds Pecan
3 bay leaves
½ teaspoon cumin
4 acid eyes
1 piece Laos
2 tablespoons salt

Shredded coconut, coconut milk 6 cups made​​.
All the finely ground spices.
The meat is cleaned, cut into pieces, mixed with bumbubumbu, pan-fried, covered, until tender left.
Put coconut milk, cooked until the oil out.
Potatoes peeled, halved, entered, left until tender.

Chicken green chilie ( Ayam Cabai Hijau )

1 chicken, cut into 12 parts
1 teaspoon tamarind water
2 tsp salt
1 tbsp tamarind water, extra
20 pieces of red chili
3 tablespoons cooking oil
1000ml coconut milk from ½ coconut
2 pieces of orange leaves
1 bay leaf
1 sheet turmeric leaf

Subtle Seasonings:
100 gr green chili
10 grains of red onion
6 cloves garlic
4 items hazelnut roaster
1 tablespoon toasted coriander
1 vertebra ginger
2 segment grilled turmeric
3 stalks lemongrass, take the whiteness
1 vertebra galangal
2 tsp salt

How to make:
1. Prepare 1 whole chicken, cut into 12 parts, wash and then coat with tamarind water and salt. Let stand for 30 minutes.
2. Heat oil, saute ground spices until fragrant. Enter lime leaves, bay leaves and turmeric leaves. Stir until wilted. Enter the chicken pieces along perendamnya. Stir, and cook until chicken changes color.
3. Pour coconut milk and cayenne pepper, reduce the heat and cook until the chicken is cooked and the coconut meat a little dry. Add 1 tablespoon extra tamarind water and cook about 15 minutes longer. Stir quickly and remove from heat.


shrimp spicy oyster sauce ( udang pedas saus tiram )

shrimp spicy oyster sauce


200 g Shrimps Size Medium (clean, leaving tail)
1/4 cloves Onion (sliced ​​lengthwise)
1 handful of nuts Kapri (cut - cut)
80 ml water
Oil for sauteing

1 tbsp Tomato Sauce
2 tbsp Sambal Sauce
1 vertebra ginger (sliced ​​thinly)
3 tbsp Oyster Sauce
Pepper and Salt to taste
How to cook:
- Onions sauteed until wilted.
- Add the ginger, then stir-fry until fragrant.
- Add snow peas and 2 tablespoons of water and cook until done.
- Add shrimp, cook until it changes color.
- Add tomato sauce, chili sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, salt and remaining water.
- Cook until slightly thickened.
- Remove and serve warm.

from indonesia in indonesia original recipes

Beef Semur ( Semur Daging )

500 gr beef simmered until tender
3 pieces of sliced ​​potatoes as they pleased
2 bay leaves lmbr
500 ml coconut milk
salt and sugar to taste
sweet soy sauce to taste
vegetable oil

4 spring onions
3 cloves of garlic
3 pieces of hazelnut
1/2 tsp pepper
2 cm ginger

How to Make
- Saute until fragrant spices
- Insert meat stir hello, salt, soy sauce and sugar mix
- Enter the potato and give aduk2 that coconut milk is not broken
cook until potatoes are cooked, serve ... Easy Lift bukaaannn ...

beff rendang ( Rendang daging sapi )

beff Rendang Originated Form Padang Sumatra Indonesia

1 kg beef  , cut according to taste
2 pieces of lemongrass, white part only, smashed
1 sheet turmeric leaf (if applicable)
1 tammarind (if any)
5 kaffir lime leaves
2 liters of coconut milk
salt to taste

Subtle Seasonings:
250 grams of red pepper, seeded
10 red onion
5 cloves of garlic
25 grams of fresh ginger, peeled
25 gr ginger, peeled

How to Make:

Chop the seasoning  all the ingredients and then blend until tender.
If you need to add about 50 ml of coconut milk to ease the process
Mix the meat with the spice paste, put it in a skillet large size (minimum capacity of 4 liters).
Pour the coconut milk, add the lemongrass, tamarind kandis, kaffir lime leaves and turmeric leaves.
Cook over low heat between medium and large until the coconut milk to a boil. (Approx 0.5 hours)
Reduce the heat to medium position, and cook for 1.5 hours until the oil out. Stir occasionally.
Incipi, add salt to taste.
(Note: At this point you can already eat dishes with thick gravy, Kalio name).
Reduce the flame again, cook stirring constantly until coconut milk dries and the oil absorbed by the meat. (Approx 0.5 hours)
Serve hot with rice, boiled cassava leaves and sambal lado Mudo.
Additional Notes:

* If you like rendang that blackish, add toasted coconut shavings that have been finely ground and out of the oil.
If ** I prefer not too dry, it can be eaten hot rice while mencocol same dressing;-)

Egg Rendang (Rendang Telur)

Egg Rendang (Rendang Telur) are foods derived from Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia
Egg Rendang (Rendang Telur) recipes

Egg Rendang ( Rendang Telur ) ingredients:

     8 eggs
     coconut milk

Egg Rendang ( Rendang Telur ) seasoing:
     5 pcs onion
     2 pcs garlic
     1/2 vertebra galangal
     4 pcs red chillies
     1/2 segment turmeric
     1 turmeric leaf

How to cook:

     blended all seasoing except ginger and turmeric leaves
     Put a little oil and then saute until it smells fragrant
     Cook the coconut milk and then add the egg that has been boiled first.
     Crushed ginger and turmeric leaves and insert into the cooking
     Cook until the oil out and a bit dry.
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