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Egg Rendang (Rendang Telur)

Egg Rendang (Rendang Telur) are foods derived from Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia
Egg Rendang (Rendang Telur) recipes

Egg Rendang ( Rendang Telur ) ingredients:

     8 eggs
     coconut milk

Egg Rendang ( Rendang Telur ) seasoing:
     5 pcs onion
     2 pcs garlic
     1/2 vertebra galangal
     4 pcs red chillies
     1/2 segment turmeric
     1 turmeric leaf

How to cook:

     blended all seasoing except ginger and turmeric leaves
     Put a little oil and then saute until it smells fragrant
     Cook the coconut milk and then add the egg that has been boiled first.
     Crushed ginger and turmeric leaves and insert into the cooking
     Cook until the oil out and a bit dry.

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