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black coconut ice ( es kelapa hitam )

Here due to the mixture of coconut black grass jelly in it which inadvertently gave black on this drink.
black coconut ice ( es kelapa hitam ) recipes

black coconut ice ( es kelapa hitam ) ingredients:
200 g of grass jelly, diced
200 grams of brown sugar or palm sugar, combed
250 gr coconut milk rather thick
2 lbr pandan leaves, washed and torn and tied
1 tsp salt end
1 young coconut btr, take his flesh

How to make black coconut ice ( es kelapa hitam ):
Mix the boiled coconut milk, brown sugar, pandanus and salt. Stir constantly until boiling so as not to break.
After boiling, let stand a few minutes so cool.
Enter the grass jelly and coconut into serving glasses.
Pour the coconut milk in a glass and add ice cubes.

green banana ice ( es pisang ijo )

green banana ice ( es pisang ijo ) is one of the specialties of South Sulawesi became very interested in food at the moment and is suitable for the try. And Maybe you are wondering what the hell green banana ice ( es pisang ijo )??, green banana ice ( es pisang ijo ) dessert is a type of food made ​​from banana sago flour dough covered with colored ijo (green) and coconut milk, then doused with syrup,. If the matter flavored ice green banana ice enjoyment need not be asked this green bananas. Ice green banana is suitable enjoyed the afternoons.

Ingredients green banana ice ( es pisang ijo ) :
- 50 grams of Sago Flour
- 175 grams of corn flour, sieve it
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- 5 pieces of Suji Leaves
- 6 Banana Fruit
- 300 ml of boiled water
- Shredded Chedar Cheese
- Chocolate Meses
- Strawberry Syrup
- Sweetened condensed milk
- Shreded Ice

how to make green banana ice ( es pisang ijo ) :

1. Mix all of cornflour, suji leaves, salt, and boiled water. Heat it all up with low fire level, and stir it until be a dough. and then put the sagu flour into the dough until be a perfect dough

2. Divide the dough to be 6 part, and then trimmed it until be 1/2 cm of thick

3. Cover the banana with these dough, after that boil these all banana until float, float is the alert that all banana with dough has cooked perfectly.

4. Put in a big bowl, with Shredded ice, Sweetened condensed milk, Strawberry Syrup, Chredded Chedar Cheese, and Chocolate meses.

seaweed ice ( es rumput laut )

seaweed ice ( es rumput laut ) ingredient:
Avocado 1 piece of fruit (rake)
gelatin desserts (cut into chunks)
Seed Basil 2 tbsp
200 grams of seaweed
500 ml coconut milk
1 cm pandan leaves
1 tsp salt
sugar 100 gr
Syrup (optional)
50 ml of sweetened condensed milk
100 g of crushed ice

How to Make Ice Seaweed Special
Making Gravy: Combine coconut milk salt and sugar, boil while stirring stir, put pandan leaves, if it is boiling, remove from heat and let cool.
Prepare the serving glasses, Enter alputkat fruit, agar agar, seaweed and all the ingredients into a glass.
Pour the coconut milk and add shaved ice and tooping the sweetened condensed milk and syrup.

cucumber Ice ( Es Mentimun )

Ice Cucumber is very suitable in drinking during the day,.

indonesia original recipe drink ice

Ingredients Ice Cucumber:
2 medium cucumber
pineapple syrup, to taste
sufficient ice water
ice cubes, to taste
small scraper tool or if not, a fork can also be

How to Make:
Clean cucumber cut by the end of the cucumber colored slightly darker, then rotate until the sap is rubbed out.
Wash cucumbers, then each split into two.
Rake cucumber using a small scraper (there are on sale at the store part of kitchen tools). Or with a fork also.
How mengeruknya the whole cucumber, cucumber dredged up like noodles. Repeat until remaining skin.
Prepare the serving glasses, pour the pineapple syrup to taste.
Enter cucumber was dredged into a glass that already contains syrup.
Enter the ice cubes to suit your taste, then pour the ice water to taste.
Serve cold.
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