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cucumber Ice ( Es Mentimun )

Ice Cucumber is very suitable in drinking during the day,.

indonesia original recipe drink ice

Ingredients Ice Cucumber:
2 medium cucumber
pineapple syrup, to taste
sufficient ice water
ice cubes, to taste
small scraper tool or if not, a fork can also be

How to Make:
Clean cucumber cut by the end of the cucumber colored slightly darker, then rotate until the sap is rubbed out.
Wash cucumbers, then each split into two.
Rake cucumber using a small scraper (there are on sale at the store part of kitchen tools). Or with a fork also.
How mengeruknya the whole cucumber, cucumber dredged up like noodles. Repeat until remaining skin.
Prepare the serving glasses, pour the pineapple syrup to taste.
Enter cucumber was dredged into a glass that already contains syrup.
Enter the ice cubes to suit your taste, then pour the ice water to taste.
Serve cold.

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