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ice tamarind recipe ( es asam jawa ) indonesian recipe

ice tamarind recipe ( es asam jawa ) indonesian recipe

Ingredients :
• 250 grams tamarind
• 1 ltr of water

suplementary :
• 100 gr sugar
• 500 ml soda water
• ice cubes

1. Wash tamarind, then boiled with ari, until boiling and crushed tamarind.
2. Then strain, put into the pot.
3. Sugar cooked with a bit water, until dissolved, then strain, and put in a pot of water that has been strain tamarind.
4. Cook returned to a boil, remove from heat and let cool.
5. Once cool put it in a glass, add ice
6. Serve

fruit ice ( es buah )

fruit ice ( es buah ) ingredients:
3 apples, diced
1/2 pineapple, peeled, cleaned and cut into 3x1cm
300 grams of ripe papaya, peeled, diced
200 grams of watermelon, cut into cubes
3 passion fruit, dumped its contents
4 tablespoons passion fruit syrup
3 cups of boiled water
1 bottle of soda
1 lemon, sliced ​​oblique

How to Make fruit ice ( es buah ):
Prepare a bowl and fill with water, syrup and soda.
Enter whole pieces of fruit.
Insert lemon slices and store in the refrigerator or add ice cubes.

wedang ronde

traditional drinks derived from Java is able to warm up in the winter. in Java this drink very much like it.
The distinctive flavor of ginger added sweetness of sugar make this drink was so tasty and healthy.

The ingredients to make Wedang Ronde:

Ingredients Wedang Ronde :
150 grams of glutinous rice flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
135 ml of warm water matng
Green dye (if required)
Red dye (if required)

Ingredients for Fill Wedang Ronde:
50 g peanuts (peeled), fried roasted
25 grams sugar
1/8 tsp salt

Ginger water:
2,000 ml of water
400 grams sugar
400 grams of ginger, burnt, crushed
1 tsp salt
4 pandan leaves lbr
6 stalk of lemongrass,

how to make wedang ronde :

Fill Wedang ronde : blender mixture while still warm peanuts , sugar , and salt to form into small grains are not too fine . Then set aside .

Ingredients ronde , mix glutinous rice flour and salt . Stir until blended . Pour warm water little by little .

Separate the dough into three parts . One part is colored red , one green colored part , and the last part let white . Stir until blended so that each color dough evenly .

Take enough dough ronde . Flatten by hand . You can taste the contents . Shape dough into a ronde . Do not make the circle until the remaining dough .

Cook until the water boils . Insert the ronde ball that has been made . Boil until the round ball floats . Seanjutnya lift and drain ball round .

Material ginger : Combine water , sugar , ginger , pandan leaves and lemongrass poached materials with low heat until boiling and exit fragrance .

How to serve , put the stuffing ingredients and complementary ronde into the bowl , then pour the sauce into a bowl ronde , enjoy while hot



1 pc cassava or sweet potato ( 200 gr/7 oz)
2 bananas
100 gr/3.5 oz palm sugar, shredded
100 gr/3.5 oz sugar
400 ml/14 fl.oz thick coconut milk
400 ml/14 fl.oz water
1 pandan leaf, tied in knot
3 - 5 pcs jackfruit flesh, cut in cube
½ tsp salt

Peel off the cassava or sweet potato, wash and cut in cubes.
Peel off bananas and cut about 1 cm thick.
Put palm sugar, sugar, pandan leaf & cassava / sweet potato in a saucepan.
Add the water and bring the mixture to boil.
Continue to cook until the cassava / sweet potato becomes tender.
Add the coconut milk, sliced banana & jackfruit. Add salt to taste.
Continue to cook on medium heat until the mixture getting boiled again. Stirring occasionaly.
Ensure that the banana & jackfruit not too overcooked.
Serve while warm.

skoteng seaweed ( skoteng rumput laut )

Healthy Drinks Sekoteng Seaweed is suitable when his cold. The rainy season is the most cool if you enjoy a warm drink in the afternoon. Well, you can serve drinks sekoteng this seaweed. javanese mostly make this drink.

100 grams of fresh seaweed
150 g pineapple, cut fan
100 grams and fro, boiled
150 grams of sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
150 grams of ginger, burnt, crushed
3 cm cinnamon
1,500 ml of water

How to make:
- Boil the water, sugar, salt, ginger, and cinnamon over low heat until fragrant. Remove and strain.
- Bring to the boil again with kolang forth. Cook until done.
- Enter the pineapple. Stir well. Cook until half wilted. Lift. Add seaweed.
- Serve warm

cucumber Ice ( Es Mentimun )

Ice Cucumber is very suitable in drinking during the day,.

indonesia original recipe drink ice

Ingredients Ice Cucumber:
2 medium cucumber
pineapple syrup, to taste
sufficient ice water
ice cubes, to taste
small scraper tool or if not, a fork can also be

How to Make:
Clean cucumber cut by the end of the cucumber colored slightly darker, then rotate until the sap is rubbed out.
Wash cucumbers, then each split into two.
Rake cucumber using a small scraper (there are on sale at the store part of kitchen tools). Or with a fork also.
How mengeruknya the whole cucumber, cucumber dredged up like noodles. Repeat until remaining skin.
Prepare the serving glasses, pour the pineapple syrup to taste.
Enter cucumber was dredged into a glass that already contains syrup.
Enter the ice cubes to suit your taste, then pour the ice water to taste.
Serve cold.
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