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wedang ronde

traditional drinks derived from Java is able to warm up in the winter. in Java this drink very much like it.
The distinctive flavor of ginger added sweetness of sugar make this drink was so tasty and healthy.

The ingredients to make Wedang Ronde:

Ingredients Wedang Ronde :
150 grams of glutinous rice flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
135 ml of warm water matng
Green dye (if required)
Red dye (if required)

Ingredients for Fill Wedang Ronde:
50 g peanuts (peeled), fried roasted
25 grams sugar
1/8 tsp salt

Ginger water:
2,000 ml of water
400 grams sugar
400 grams of ginger, burnt, crushed
1 tsp salt
4 pandan leaves lbr
6 stalk of lemongrass,

how to make wedang ronde :

Fill Wedang ronde : blender mixture while still warm peanuts , sugar , and salt to form into small grains are not too fine . Then set aside .

Ingredients ronde , mix glutinous rice flour and salt . Stir until blended . Pour warm water little by little .

Separate the dough into three parts . One part is colored red , one green colored part , and the last part let white . Stir until blended so that each color dough evenly .

Take enough dough ronde . Flatten by hand . You can taste the contents . Shape dough into a ronde . Do not make the circle until the remaining dough .

Cook until the water boils . Insert the ronde ball that has been made . Boil until the round ball floats . Seanjutnya lift and drain ball round .

Material ginger : Combine water , sugar , ginger , pandan leaves and lemongrass poached materials with low heat until boiling and exit fragrance .

How to serve , put the stuffing ingredients and complementary ronde into the bowl , then pour the sauce into a bowl ronde , enjoy while hot

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