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Cow's Foot Curry ( Gulai Kikil ) indonesian recipes

Cow's Foot Curry ( Gulai Kikil ) indonesian recipes

1 Foot of cow
4 cups Coconut milk
1 Turmeric leaf
2 seed of False mangosteen ( Common english name for "Asam Kandis").  It's also called "Gamboge tree", "Eggtree", "Sour mangosteen", "Cochin-goraka".
2 Kaffir lime leaves
1 stalk Lemongrass

Blended spices:
1 tbsp Blended red chilies
2 cm Turmeric
5 pcs Candlenuts
2 cm Laos / Galangal
6 cloves Garlic
10 pcs Shallots

How To:
1. Clean the cow's foot and its hair, cut into several pieces and cook until tender.
2. Remove the bones and then cut the meat into small sizes according to your preference.
3. Cook the coconut milk together with the blended spices, kaffir lime leaves, kandis acid (false mangosteen) and the lemongrass.
4. Add the meat pieces and cook until the coconut milk thickens and oily.
5. Keep stirring until it's well cooked to prevent the coconut milk from dissolving.
6. Lift.

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