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betawi ulam rice ( nasi ulam betawi )

okey this time indonesia original recipes will share how to make ulam rice ( nasi ulam )

Ulam Rice is a rice dish mixed with various herbs and spices, especially the leaves of gotu kola (Centella asiatica) or sometimes substituted basil leaves, vegetables, and a variety of spices and accompanied by some kind of side dishes. This dish comes from the treasures of Malay dishes, and there are many recipes and variations found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

1,000 grams of warm rice
200 grams coarsely grated coconut, sangrai (fried without oil)
2 tablespoons oil for sauteing

Subtle Seasonings:
5 cloves of garlic
2 pieces of red chili
50 grams of dried shrimp, brewed, roasted
1 teaspoon salt

Supplementary ingredients:
150 grams of anchovies fried rice
100 grams fried peanuts
4 pieces of cucumber
4 sprigs of basil leaves
3 eggs, omelet made ​​rawis
3 tablespoons fried onions

how to make:
* Heat the oil. Saute ground spices until fragrant. Add toasted coconut (fry without oil). Stir well. Lift.
* Enter the warm rice. Stir well.
* Serve with a complement.

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