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ingredients Somay:
300 grams of mackerel fish meat, finely chopped.
1 egg, beaten off.
1 leek.
1 tablespoon sesame oil.
Pepper, salt, sugar, to taste.
50 grams of flour (just enough, until the dough feels've concentrated stick).
100 ml broth (can also use broth from bones mackerel).

Ingredients for peanut sauce:
300 grams of roasted peanuts.
2 tablespoons of salt.
Boiled water to taste.
4 pieces of garlic.
2 tablespoons granulated sugar.
Cayenne pepper to taste (about 5 pieces of red pepper, and remove the seeds. 4 pieces of curly red chili, or to taste spicy you).

Supplementary Ingredients :
Cabbage, discard the bones were thick and hard.
Boiled chicken eggs.
Lime sauce

Chili sauce.
How to make and cook mackerel fish dumplings:
Pare seeded. Cut into pieces the size of 5 cm cylinder with holes on the bottom. Cut potatoes, tofu cut into triangles approximately 6 cm respectively, then scrape one side. dredged know is destroyed, then mix them together with siomai ingredients.
Put the mixture into the dumplings were dredged out, add to the melon, the remainder in the form of round object with a spoon kept boiled in boiling water until cooked. If it is ripe, buletan will float in the water.
Steamed cabbage, potatoes, bitter melon, tofu until cooked. Do not forget the nets covered with heat-resistant plastic dandangnya that are steamed not stuck in the nets cormorant.
How to make peanut sauce:
Pulverized nuts, set aside, fried chili and garlic until tender then puree with sugar and salt. Mix with nuts finely. Add water as needed, until thick or thin, according to your taste.
Last serve dumplings, cabbage, tofu, potatoes, bitter melon, and egg. Add soy sauce with lemon juice limua.

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