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well this time we try to share with you also deh Indonesian cuisine is derived from the Betawi. Of course you can try to make the gado gado with ordinary dish or gado gado Betawi with some extra special flavor complement to the gado-gado Betawi could be more delicious and tasty

Ingredients Making Gado Gado:
Prepare beans that have been boiled about 150 grams, cut according to your taste
Prepare the tempeh sliced ​​150 gram boxes and fry until cooked
Prepare curly lettuce 150 grams sliced ​​into three or four parts
Prepare as much as 3 eggs chicken eggs and boil until cooked, once cooked eggs cut into two parts.
Prepare red tomatoes, just one fruit and cut into 4-6 pieces.
Prepare 150 grams of cabbage and boil, then make sure you throw out bones cabbage (the hard part).
150 grams of raw tofu, fried and sliced ​​into two parts.

Additional Ingredients:
Sprouts 150 grams
sufficient water
cooking oil
Cucumbers are a fruit, cut into pieces. Do not use bitter cucumber.

Seasoning ingredients to make peanut sauce:
First red pepper puree enough only three
Puree along with five cloves of garlic
Add the peanuts 250 grams
Water three tablespoons tamarind
Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
Add kaffir lime leaves five
Give one teaspoon salt
Combine the coconut milk 500ml
Finally add the brown sugar 50 grams

How to Make Gado Gado:
Before processing a hodgepodge, created first seasoning gado-gadi. The trick is roasted peanuts and then throw away the skin and mashed
Sauté red pepper, lime leaves, and garlic until fragrant.
Add coconut milk and peanuts that have been roasted earlier then stir until evenly and boils.
Add tamarind water, salt, and brown sugar. Cook briefly and set aside.
Fried tempeh and tofu, sprouts and brewed with hot water.
Now you can prepare the ingredients that have been boiled or fried in Chapter Ingredients Making Gado Gado above into one on a plate, a neat layout.
Then add up gado gado peanut sauce.
  Gado Gado was prepared in the present

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