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cassava chips balado ( keripik balado )

How to Make Cassava Chips Balado Crunchy And Delicious - While relaxing while watching television or enjoying the afternoon in front of a full house certainly be accompanied with a snack that tastes good and delicious. In Indonesia there is one kind of crispy and tempting snacks, namely chips. The chips can be made from various ingredients., such as cassava, potato, banana, soybean and many other ingredients.. However, we will discuss this time is how to make cassava chips, cassava chips is certainly a favorite of many people in Indonesia.

How to Make Chips
Name, it is clear that cassava chips are foods that have both cassava. How to make cassava chips themselves can be quite easy, and we can make it at home. Today we will review how to make cassava chips Balado that taste spicy and tasty. So how do I make the Balado cassava chips, without the longer length better let us refer to the review directly below.

Chips Ingredients:
Cassava (1 kg)
Whiting (2 tsp, dissolved in 200 ml water)

Balado Seasoning Ingredients:
Curly red chili (150 gr)
Garlic (8 cloves)
Salt (1 1/2 tsp)
Sugar (2 tbsp)
Taste cooking oil for sauteing

How to Make Cassava Chips:
Peel the cassava and then wash thoroughly, and then thinly sliced​​.
Cassava Soak in water containing a little salt and lime water, then lift and clean and then soak in clean water.
Fried cassava using a lot of oil and a fairly moderate fire, fry until cooked then remove and drain.

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