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common snakehead curry ( gulai ikan gabus aceh/ Eungkot Paya )

Eungkot Paya is acehnese culinary heritage that until now we can easily find. It was a tasty make Eungkot Paya many digemai by residents of Aceh. Are you interested to enjoy delicious Eungkot Paya?. You do not have far to Aceh to enjoy Eungkot Paya. Because of the vast distances of course. In addition you can also try to make yourself at home Eungkot Paya. Besides can be adjusted to taste, you can also modify the typical cuisine of Aceh's Eungkot Paya.

So how? Take it easy, will share recipes archipelago Eungkot Paya recipes specifically for your typical Aceh. Pay attention and follow the advance Eungkot Paya recipes shared. After that you can modify to suit your individual taste. And this he has been waiting for Paya Recipe Eungkot most delicious typical Aceh.

common snakehead recipe/ Eungkot Paya

500 grams common snakehead
lemon juice
salt to taste
5 tablespoons toasted coconut that has been smoothed
2 sprigs of curry leaves or salam Koja, take leaves
3 pieces of orange leaves
10 eyeball sunti acid
700 ml coconut milk from a coconut

2 pieces banana heart

Ingredients for mashed:
2 tablespoons toasted coriander
1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
8 spring onions
5 cloves of garlic
10 cayenne pepper
7 curly red chili
5 red chili

Rinse fish,
sdkt coat with salt and lemon juice. let stand 15 minutes.
Enter your spices, roasted coconut, curry leaves, lime leaves, banana heart that has been in potong2, and sunti acid, stir well.
Pour coconut milk, cook over low heat until the sauce shrink and spices to infuse.

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