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jinggo rice ( nasi jinggo )

Bali, in addition to this paradise island is famous for its attractions was also famous for its culinary, among other popular Bali Culinary Typical is Sate Lilit, Betutu Chicken and  Jinggo Rice.

Jinggo rice first there were only around Gajah Mada Street Denpasar Bali (shopping Gajah Mada) to the left if we are out of Grenceng. Rice Jinggo first appeared in the early 1990s.

Rice who served wrapped in a banana leaf with a cheap price ranged Rp 1,500 - Rp 3,000 / wrap about ( $0.1 - $0.3 USD/ wrap ).

jinggo rice ( nasi jinggo ) Balinese recipes :

ingredients jinggo rice ( nasi jinggo ):
cooked rice
chicken pelalah
sambal Sero
A sheet of Banana Leaves

how to make jinggo rice :
stacking the ingredients on a banana leaf

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