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Serundeng is one of the many well-known typical Indonesian cuisine which is usually used as a topping for side dishes . This kind of snacks made ​​from grated coconut as the main ingredient . Then given additional seasonings such as mashed onion, garlic , chilli , turmeric , sugar , coriander and other supplementary Ingredients are subsequently fried or roasted until yellowish . Serundeng usually served over grilled or fried beef is often referred to serundeng meat . Serundeng also usually often sprinkled over soup or savory sticky rice as a flavor enhancer in a dish . In neighboring countries such as Malaysia , they call serundeng serunding words . However serunding have the main ingredient in the form of beef or processed meats such as shredded chicken , while in Indonesia serundeng main ingredient is made ​​from grated coconut . In this article also describes the recipe to make coconut serundeng .

Ingredients Serundeng:
1. 2 eggs grated coconut.
2. 3 bay leaves.
3. 2 kaffir lime leaves.
4. 1 vertebra galangal (geprak and crushed).
5. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar.

Flavoring ingredients that are:
1. 3 cloves of garlic.
2. 4 spring onions.
3. 1 vertebra turmeric approximately 4 cm.
4. 1 tsp coriander.
5. Fine salt to taste.

How to make Serundeng:
First, grind until smooth all ingredients and mix into mashed grated coconut and stir all ingredients until blended.
Next prepare the pans then toasted coconut that had been flavored with bay leaves, lime leaves, galangal, and sugar. Roasted until all ingredients seep into the grated coconut and dry.
After the grated coconut and dries yellowish, lift and drain serundeng.

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