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Lawar chicken balinese

Lawar is cooking a mixture of vegetables and spiced minced meat originating from Bali. The food is served in a common household in Bali or sold widely in eating houses as lawar Bali. Lawar made ​​of chopped meat, vegetables, some spices and coconut. Sometimes in some kind lawar given element that can add a sense of lawar it is the blood of the meat itself. The blood is mixed with certain spices that add to the lawar delicious. Lawar itself can not long survive if the food is allowed to stand in the open air only lasted half a day.

Lawar Chicken Recipe ingredients 1 Typical Bali:
3 bean stalk, cut into ½ cm size, boiled origin wilt.
½ btr rather young coconut, grated, toasted.
3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced​​, fried.
8 pieces of red onion, thinly sliced​​, fried.
2 grains of red pepper, seeded, cut into oblique.
6 grains of cayenne pepper, sliced​​.
Minced 3 tsp dried chilli.
Flavoring to taste
Fried onions for topping

Lawar Chicken Recipe ingredients 2 Typical Bali:
250 grams of chicken meat without bones, thin suwir2/iris.
flavoring to taste
1 tsp lemon juice.
1 tsp salt.
½ tsp black pepper, puree.
Banana leaves for wrapping

How to Make Chicken Typical recipe Lawar Bali:

ingredients 1:
Mix beans, oil, onion, garlic, chilli and flavor. Stir until well blended.

ingredients 2:
Mix shredded chicken with 2 tablespoons flavoring.
Stir well to form a kind of dough.
After that, place the dough lengthwise on a banana leaf, then roll up solid. Steam rolls for 20 minutes earlier. Open banana leaves. Disorderly chicken meat with a fork. Mix chicken with peanut panjang.Tambahkan mixture of salt, pepper and lime juice.
Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions on top.

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