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sweetmeat nutmeg ( manisan pala )

sweetmeat nutmeg is one kind of snack that belong to the group of candied fruits. The business of making candied nutmeg does not require a difficult technology and make it quite easy, therefore it easy efforts made ​​by new entrepreneurs.
Making candied nutmeg is generally conducted by small businesses in the area producing nutmeg. South Aceh district is the largest producer of nutmeg commodity even in Aceh in Sumatra. The nutmeg candied including household industries which are often found in South Aceh district. In addition to sweets and processed into syrup, nutmeg can also be made ​​highly nutritious nutmeg oil to treat wounds. Even now pastry and confectionery can be made from nutmeg.
Candied nutmeg in addition to snacks are served during the celebration of the holy days of Eid and new year for the local community can also be used as souvenirs for tourists who visit the area.

recipe sweetmeat nutmeg ( manisan pala )
300 grams of nutmeg
granulated sugar for topping

Solution 1:
1 tablespoon salt
1 ltr of water

Solution 2:
1 tsp whiting
1 ltr of water

Solution 3:
500 grams of sugar
1 ltr of water

HOW TO MAKE A DRY sweetened nutmeg:

- Nutmeg fruit peeled, cored and halved and sliced ​​to form a fan.

- Nutmeg Soak in a solution of 1 for 24 hours, drain.

- Then soak in a solution of 2 for 24 hours, drain.

- Boil a solution of 3, lift. Once cool, nutmeg soak for 24 hours, drain.

- Cook until slightly thickened 3 solution, remove, let cool. Nutmeg Soak again for 24 hours.

- Perform this step over and over until the water runs out terserap.Jemur nutmeg sugar on top winnowing until slightly dry and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Once dried nutmeg.

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