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griled rica tempeh ( tempe rica bakar ) indonesian recipes

for you vegetarians, who do not eat meat., the recipe for this one is worth to try.,
the taste is not lost with rica rica chicken . nah recipe this time in accordance with its title rica tempeh,. basic ingredients of this recipe is tempeh, with additional rica rica seasoning ., making this a very tasty to eat.,

griled rica tempeh ( tempe rica bakar ) indonesian recipes:

griled rica tempeh ingredients:
• 400 g tempeh, briefly steamed
• 2 pieces of lime leaves, discard the bones leaves, thinly sliced
• 1 stalk lemongrass white part, sliced ​​thin oblique
• 1 leek, thinly sliced
• 250 ml of water
• 1 tbsp vegetable oil for sauteing
• 1 tomato, deseeded chopped

griled rica tempeh spice, puree:
• 6 red onions
• 3 cloves of garlic
• 10 pieces of curly red chili and cayenne pepper (to taste)
• 1 cm turmeric fuel
• 1 cm ginger, grated
• 1 tbsp lemon airjeruk
• Salt to taste

how to make griled rica tempeh :

1.  tempeh Cut into 2 x 4 x 5 cm, set aside.

2. fill tempeh in a pan, put spices, lime leaves, lemongrass, and scallions. Pour in water, stir, and cook until the spices to infuse and water run out.

3. Prepare charcoal, roasted marinated tempeh until cooked and dried herbs, put in a serving dish.

4. Heat oil and saute the rest of the spices and tomatoes until cooked.

5. Serve grilled tempeh

6. do not forget to sprinkle with seasoning

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