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Balap Rice Cake from surabaya ( Lontong balap Surabaya )

Surabaya is a typical rice cake. If you traveled to the city of Surabaya cuisine is not to be missed. The most delicious you can find on the market Wonokromo. It is said that this dish has been known since President Sukarno (1953) inaugurated Wonokromo market. Although it makes it quite a long time and the process is a bit much, but well worth the results obtained. Her tasty nampol really.

Main Ingredient:
1. Cut the rice cake to taste. Rice cake made of 500 grams of rice.
2. 500 grams of fried tofu slices to taste
3. Crackers
4. 150 grams of bean sprouts

Ingredients for the sauce:

1. 150 grams of mashed shrimp
2. Enough water to boil shrimp Arriving into stock
3. Cooking oil for sauteing seasoning to taste.
4. 6 cloves garlic
5. 10 spring onions
6. 1 teaspoon of pepper
7. sugar, salt and flavorings
8. Weeks to make 250 grams of shrimp topping
9. 50 grams of leek and celery
Material for lento:

1. Nuts tolo: 50 gr.
2. Grated Cassava: 250 gr.
3. Garlic: 2 cloves.
4. Cayenne: 5 pieces.
5. Shallots: 2 cloves.
6. Coriander powder: 2 tablespoons.
7. Egg whites.
8. Salt to taste.
9. Enough cooking oil for frying.

Ingredients for chili pastes:

1. Chili stew: 10 pieces.
2. Petis quality shrimp: 4 tbsp.
3. Sweet soy sauce to taste.
4. Boiled water to taste.
5. Fried onions: 3 tablespoons.
6. Puith fried onions: 1 tablespoon.

To make Lontong Racing does require quite a long time and involves a process that is quite a lot, but basically can be grouped into three stages, making lento, making soup with bean sprouts and sauce-making. Or if you want to shorten the time lentonya can be purchased in the market in general can be found in the rice cake seller / fried.

The process of making peanut lento tolo:

1. Boil beans until tender tolo.
2. Blend seasoning, put salt and sugar to taste.
3. Add into the grated cassava, spices and nuts tolo, then make a dough.
4. Create a circle and dip into the egg whites to be fried.
5. Fried dough dipped spheres eggs until cooked.

The process of making soup:

1. Puree the broth boiled shrimp.
2. Set aside the broth boiled shrimp
3. Saute the spices.
4. Put the shrimp broth and sprinkling weeks to give 250 grams was
5. You can flavor to taste.
6. If it has boiled, add the bean sprouts and a sprinkling of chopped onions give
and celery
7. Remove and set aside.

The process of making sauce:

1. Blend all sauce ingredients.
2. Mix soy sauce after the sauce is smooth and sisikan

If all three phases are completed, the next step is how to serve lontong racing. We usually presents lontong racing this way:

1. Prepare dishes.
2. Put chili pastes are made, taste or to taste.
3. Give a little sauce on while thunderstorm.
4. Put pieces of rice cake.
5. Put slices of fried tofu.
6. Put slices lento.
7. Pour sauce plus shrimp in it.
8. Sprinkle fried onions if necessary.
9. Give crackers as

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