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banana chips ( keripik pisang )

banana chips recipe
Here is a Recipe For Making Banana chips which we categorize as Snacks Recipes. Recipe To Make Banana chips we shared for you lovers chips for everyday snacks.

Ingredients to Make Banana chips:
1 unripe banana comb.
1 teaspoon lime + 1 liter of water.
Cooking oil.

How to Make Banana Chips:
- Peel the bananas.
- Slice thin oblique thin.
- Soak into a solution of lime water for 1 hour.
- Raise the lift wash thoroughly and drain.
- Put the banana slices into a container of salt give smooth, stir until smooth - let stand for 5 minutes.
- Heat the oil and fry the banana slices until dry and crisp.
- Drain to wait until cool, and ready to serve.

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