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jackfruit chips ( keripik nangka )

RECIPES Jackfruit Chips
Chips is one of the very popular snack crackers apart. Chips made from tubers, fruits, or vegetables are fried using vegetable oil and is more durable because it has a low water content. Jackfruit chips typically use a vacuum fryer frying because if you use the manual method, using a cauldron / skillet is not at risk jackfruit chips or fruit will be destroyed by excessive heat.

Jackfruit chips Ingredients:
1 kg of fresh jackfruit, not too ripe
1 ½ liters of water
100 grams of whiting
75 grams of salt
150 grams of sugar
2 liters of cooking oil

HOW TO MAKE A jackfruit chips:
Peel the jackfruit and clean straw, cut flesh, reserving the seeds and cut the edges. Soak jackfruit with a solution of water whiting up to 5 hours. Wash jackfruit then drain until completely dry.
Enter into the vacuum frying machine (vacuum fryer) oil is heated at low temperatures did not exceed 90 ° Celsius. Fry until cooked and froth on the oil has narrowed or reduced, remove and drain. Can use the engine oil drainer, jackfruit chips that are not easily rancid.
Save jackfruit chips in an airtight container or plastic so that the delicious taste crisp and durable.

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